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Diller choosing best loyalty program

What should you think about when choosing a loyalty platform?

In today’s competitive business market, retaining loyal customers is more important than ever. One of the most effective ways to do this is by implementing a loyalty program. However, with so many loyalty platforms available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your business.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a loyalty platform:

  • Ease of use

It is important to find a loyalty platform that is easy for you to set up, and for you and your team / employees to use. If the loyalty platform is user-friendly for both you and your team, it can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent managing the loyalty program and all its features.

More importantly, it should not only be intuitive for you, but also for your customers. Choose a loyalty platform where the registration to your loyalty program is seamless and easy for your customers. The easier the registration, the higher conversion rate you will have.


  • Pricing

Consider the pricing of the loyalty platforms and whether it provides a good platform for your specific brand and store, and for your customers. Is there a start-up cost? Do they charge per order or per member? Do they provide the rewards systems and features you want? Do you have to pay for integrations? What is their SMS price in your country? Do they have free support?

Make sure to analyze the overall price picture to ensure that the loyalty program will not be too expensive for your store.

  • Features

When choosing a loyalty platform, many already have in mind what rewards and system they want for their customers. Therefore, when choosing a loyalty platform, you should consider which reward systems they offer, or whether they provide a solution close enough to what you want for your customers. Have a demo of the solution, and make sure to prepare questions ahead of time so that you can ensure you get the answers to all the questions you have about their loyalty platform.

  • Language

Most prefers to use a software in their own local language. Customers will also prefer to use a loyalty program in their own language. Therefore, you should choose a loyalty platform in your local language, to make the user experience even better for all your customers.

  • Integrations

Your loyalty platform should be integratable with your existing systems. Do you use an email platform? Check if the loyalty platform is integratable with it. Do you have a point-of-sale system in-store? Can the loyalty platform be integrated with it? And what about your webshop? These are factors you should consider when choosing a loyalty platform. An omnichannel solution will provide your customers with a good customer experience across all channels, whether online or offline.

  • Data and analytics

Find a loyalty platform that provides easy to use registration for members with both privacy consent and data protection compliance. Make sure you gather information from your customers in correspondence with laws and regulations. This way you will have access to a large amount of relevant information about your customers, their interests and purchase history – legally.

You should not only gather the information, but it should also be presented in a way to make it easy for you and your team to analyze the data and use it for sales purposes. Make sure you get information about the loyalty platform dashboard, reports etc. and on how the information is presented.

  • Customer support

It is important to consider what support the loyalty platform offers. Do you have to pay for support services? Are they available 24/7? Do they have an FAQ or something similar available to make it easy for you to figure out problems yourself? Check with the different providers!


Interested in the Diller Loyalty Platform? Reach out to our team for a demo of our loyalty platform.

Book a FREE demo in our calendar here. We will take you through a quick 30 min demo to show how you can use Diller to grow your business.


Diller loyalty concepts

What is the best loyalty program reward strategy for your store?

When starting a loyalty program, it is important to think about the type of benefits you should have. It should be customized to your brand and to your customers needs and preferances.

Here’s a few options for rewards strategies using Diller®.

Onboarding program

A welcome coupon is part of what we call the onboarding program. Offer your first-time purchasers a discount on their first purchase as a thank you for signing up for your loyalty program. This way you will increase the conversion rate, both in-store and online, significantly.

Different reward programs

Set up a running benefit system, such as a point system, to reward your customers for coming back to your store again and again… and again. In Diller you have many different options of reward systems using points accumulation.

  • Standard bonus ladder: The standard bonus ladder is inspired by the aviation and hotel industry; you get different discount levels / benefits as you climb the ladder. For example: Bronze – 5% discount, Silver – 10% discount, Gold – 15% discount. A member must within each qualifying period earn the necessary points to achieve the same status. You must decide whether the member will receive the discount with each purchase, once, or if they should receive X number of coupons within each level.
  • Bonus ladder with various membership benefits: This variant is quite similar to the bronze, silver and gold levels, but with different names. This model is most often used by online stores to provide a good customer experience.
  • Point level coupons: This means that for every X Euro spent, you get a voucher or percentage discount on your next purchase. For example, for every Euro 2,00 spent, you will receive a Euro 10 discount.
  • Coupons without the use of points: For instance when having a sale, you can create a separate campaign that is sent by SMS to everyone or a segmented group of members.You will get valuable statistics on who uses the coupon (s).
  • Loyalty card: Most people are used to the old paper stamp cards. For example, for pet store, coffee shop, or for filling gas bottles. You can get a digital loyalty card right at the checkout, and the member can follow their status via their member page.

Interested in knowing more about pros and cons of these bonus point systems? Read more here.

Bonus point campaigns

If the bonus system is on, you can offer your customers a bonus collection of points in a set period.

Referral rewards

Give your customers incentives by having them refer new customers to you. These can take different forms such as discounts, points, free gifts, etc. This can help increase customer acquisition, as well as increase customer loyalty by rewarding customers for their advocacy. Lastly, it can also help generate positive word-of-mouth advertising, which again will help attract new customers.

Special birthday offers

Give your customers a special offer on their birthday. This will not only boost customer loyalty, but also increase sales as it encourages them to come by your store. Birthday offers can come in various forms, such as a percentage off a purchase, a free gift, free shipping, etc.

Free shipping or samples

Offer your customers free shipping, or a free sample with their order, if they are a part of your loyalty program.

Loyalty program activities

A loyalty program does not need to revolve around just giving discounts. Create activities for you customers such as:

  • Have an early-access program for your best customers. Give them access to a new product that you haven’t launched yet, or a new service that is not yet available to the public. It can also be as simple as letting them know about new products first, either through SMS or email.
  • Use the data available in Diller to personalize the dialogue. Send SMS and email with inspiration, tips, and tricks that are tailored to each individual customer. The key is to be relevant in the dialogue with your members!
  • Invite your best members to a special event. This will not only increase the sense of belonging among your current members, but it can also get people talking more about your business. Don’t hesitate to showcase the event on social media! An example is a season kick-off where you showcase the season’s news, as well as serve some drinks and snacks.
  • Create exclusive groups that your members can join, where they can share feedback on products, ideas, chat with others who have similar interests, and much more! For example, a paint store where everyone shares projects done using your products.

Overall, the reward opportunities with Diller are endless! We offer everyone a free onboarding process of 3 months, where our loyalty program experts will help you create and launch a loyalty program that fits perfectly to your brand and customers.

How to get started with Diller Loyalty on your Shopify store

The Diller Loyalty app is a powerful tool for boosting customer loyalty and retention on your Shopify store. With Diller you can view and analyze customers’ interests and purchase patterns, and reward them with a welcome bonus, birthday rewards, points and VIP programs, for referrals, and so much more. You can also send personalized SMSs and emails to keep your customers loyal and increase revenue on your ecommerce store. 

Getting started with the Diller Loyalty app for Shopify is quick and easy, and in this article, we’ll walk you through the 3 steps you need to take to create and launch the perfect loyalty program for your ecommerce store. 

Step 1: Install the app 

The first step is to install the Diller Loyalty app on your Shopify store. You can find the app in the Shopify app store by searching for “Diller Loyalty”. Once you’ve found the app you can click the “Add app” button to add it to your store. Find the app in your Shopify admin and click “Install app”. 

Step 2: Customize the loyalty program design 

After you’ve installed the app, you can start a quick 4 – steps onboarding process to create a loyalty program tailored to your business and your customers’ need, as well as customize the loyalty program widget to fit your store and brand perfectly.  

Step 3: Launch your loyalty program 

After you’ve set up your loyalty program and customized the design of the app, it’s time to launch your program! Click the “Launch the loyalty program!” app in the last and final step of the onboarding process to launch the app. Customers can register to your loyalty program, and will start earning points for their purchases, as well as will be able to redeem rewards through the Diller Loyalty widget that appears on your Shopify store! 

Remember; we offer you a FREE onboarding meeting  

Still having trouble with getting started? Our amazing onboarding team can help you get started in only 40 minutes – free of charge! Book a meeting directly in our calendar here