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Diller loyalty concepts

What is the best loyalty program reward strategy for your store?

When starting a loyalty program, it is important to think about the type of benefits you should have. It should be customized to your brand and to your customers needs and preferances.

Here’s a few options for rewards strategies using Diller®.

Onboarding program

A welcome coupon is part of what we call the onboarding program. Offer your first-time purchasers a discount on their first purchase as a thank you for signing up for your loyalty program. This way you will increase the conversion rate, both in-store and online, significantly.

Different reward programs

Set up a running benefit system, such as a point system, to reward your customers for coming back to your store again and again… and again. In Diller you have many different options of reward systems using points accumulation.

  • Standard bonus ladder: The standard bonus ladder is inspired by the aviation and hotel industry; you get different discount levels / benefits as you climb the ladder. For example: Bronze – 5% discount, Silver – 10% discount, Gold – 15% discount. A member must within each qualifying period earn the necessary points to achieve the same status. You must decide whether the member will receive the discount with each purchase, once, or if they should receive X number of coupons within each level.
  • Bonus ladder with various membership benefits: This variant is quite similar to the bronze, silver and gold levels, but with different names. This model is most often used by online stores to provide a good customer experience.
  • Point level coupons: This means that for every X Euro spent, you get a voucher or percentage discount on your next purchase. For example, for every Euro 2,00 spent, you will receive a Euro 10 discount.
  • Coupons without the use of points: For instance when having a sale, you can create a separate campaign that is sent by SMS to everyone or a segmented group of members.You will get valuable statistics on who uses the coupon (s).
  • Loyalty card: Most people are used to the old paper stamp cards. For example, for pet store, coffee shop, or for filling gas bottles. You can get a digital loyalty card right at the checkout, and the member can follow their status via their member page.

Interested in knowing more about pros and cons of these bonus point systems? Read more here.

Bonus point campaigns

If the bonus system is on, you can offer your customers a bonus collection of points in a set period.

Referral rewards

Give your customers incentives by having them refer new customers to you. These can take different forms such as discounts, points, free gifts, etc. This can help increase customer acquisition, as well as increase customer loyalty by rewarding customers for their advocacy. Lastly, it can also help generate positive word-of-mouth advertising, which again will help attract new customers.

Special birthday offers

Give your customers a special offer on their birthday. This will not only boost customer loyalty, but also increase sales as it encourages them to come by your store. Birthday offers can come in various forms, such as a percentage off a purchase, a free gift, free shipping, etc.

Free shipping or samples

Offer your customers free shipping, or a free sample with their order, if they are a part of your loyalty program.

Loyalty program activities

A loyalty program does not need to revolve around just giving discounts. Create activities for you customers such as:

  • Have an early-access program for your best customers. Give them access to a new product that you haven’t launched yet, or a new service that is not yet available to the public. It can also be as simple as letting them know about new products first, either through SMS or email.
  • Use the data available in Diller to personalize the dialogue. Send SMS and email with inspiration, tips, and tricks that are tailored to each individual customer. The key is to be relevant in the dialogue with your members!
  • Invite your best members to a special event. This will not only increase the sense of belonging among your current members, but it can also get people talking more about your business. Don’t hesitate to showcase the event on social media! An example is a season kick-off where you showcase the season’s news, as well as serve some drinks and snacks.
  • Create exclusive groups that your members can join, where they can share feedback on products, ideas, chat with others who have similar interests, and much more! For example, a paint store where everyone shares projects done using your products.

Overall, the reward opportunities with Diller are endless! We offer everyone a free onboarding process of 3 months, where our loyalty program experts will help you create and launch a loyalty program that fits perfectly to your brand and customers.

Diller reward strategy

How to reward your best customers with Diller

In today’s highly competitive business market, it is no longer enough to offer high-quality products or services. It is just as important, if not more, to keep your customers satisfied through a good shopping experience and through good customer service. With a good loyalty and rewards program, you can reward your loyal customers, while increasing the probability that they will continue to shop with you – increasing your stores’ overall revenue. 

In this blog post we will explore how you can use Diller to reward your best customers in less than 3 minutes.

The Diller Dashboard

With Diller and the privacy consent and data protection compliance registration for your members, you have access to a large amount of relevant information about your customers, their interests and purchase history. This information and more are available in our dashboard, where you also will be able to see the results of your marketing activities.

See who your most important and best customers are, and use this information to do more activities that increase sales and loyalty among your customers.

An art & craft store sent an SMS campaign to the top 20 customers who had made the most purchases. Of these customers, 50% used the coupon they received, resulting in an ROI of $84.13. This demonstrates the effectiveness of marketing to your best customers.

Craft a powerful SMS campaign to your best customers in just minutes

One of the reports available on the Diller dashboard is your top 10 most loyal customers (those who have shopped the most with you). We have made it convenient for store owners to direct their marketing efforts towards these customers by introducing a “Create campaign” button on this report. This feature allows you to easily create and send an SMS campaign to these customers in minutes!

Overall, Diller makes it easy for you to create effective SMS campaigns that can help drive customer engagement and loyalty.