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* We use text messages to verify that new members enter the correct data. This cost is included in the price of SMB Pro. This means that you only pay for members who are verified and GDPR compliant. You can calculate your monthly subscription price below, and you can easily calculate your sales boost with a loyalty program here.

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  • SMB Pro

    Up to 30members
    USD Free/month

    Avg: 0,00 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 300members
    USD 51/month

    Avg: 0,170 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 750members
    USD 106/month

    Avg: 0,141 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 1 500members
    USD 172/month

    Avg: 0,115 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 3 000members
    USD 272/month

    Avg: 0,091 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 6 000members
    USD 391/month

    Avg: 0,065 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 8 000members
    USD 444/month

    Avg: 0,056 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 10 000members
    USD 487/month

    Avg: 0,049 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 25 000members
    USD 852/month

    Avg: 0,034 USD pr. member

  • SMB Pro

    Up to 50 000+members
    USD Enterprise/month

    Avg: Contact us pr. member


Up to 30 members

USD 1899 /month

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You can also add extra modules for your SMB Pro package

Marketing automation
Pre-defined campaigns tailored for your industry

USD 20 /mo

Customer Analytics & Reports
Powerful analytics module for in-depth client base insights (Snowflake account needed)

USD 49 /mo

Social media integrations
Full integration to your social media

USD /mo Coming Soon


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Everything in SMB Pro + all add-ons and more:

  • right-click Marketing automation
  • right-click Customer insights
  • right-click Custom integrations (POS/eCommerce)
  • right-click Consultancy services
  • right-click Your personal Customer Success

Frequently asked questions

No, there doesn't have to be. We do however recommend that you send an occasional SMS to your members, since SMS is a very powerful response channel. We see that email and SMS communication in combination yield the best results.


USD 0.0137 (1.37 cents)

USD 0.0137 (1.37 cents)

United Kingdom
GBP 0,037 for up to 5000 members
GBP 0,033 for over 5000 members

AUD 0,07 for up to 10 000 members
AUD 0,055 for over 10 000 members

South Africa
USD 0.0146 (1.46 cents)

USD 0.0633 (6.33 cents)

GBP 0,089

0,49 DKK

0,49 SEK

0,09 Euro

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For any other countries, please don’t hesitate to contact us – Diller® is available everywhere!
All invoices will be billed in USD as currency.

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"We see great results from the loyalty program. The immediate feedback comes from employees in the store, who notice that customers enter the stores only 5-10 minutes after we send out an SMS."

Stine Handley

Head of Administration, Fredrik & Louisa

"The big advantage of the loyalty program is that it becomes easy to communicate with customers. We see endless possibilities with this in the future and look forward to using it more."

Anders Johan Braaten

General manager of Buster Hund og Katt

"We see that average sales and margins are higher even though we offer a 10% welcome discount. As a customer, you are welcome to bring a little extra in the shopping cart to get the most out of the deal. The goal is for the loyalty program to be the icing on the cake for our customers so that they want to continue shopping with us."

Jon Grøteig Andersen

Head of Marketing, PetXL

"I searched the web for suppliers and found Diller that way. They have everything I need in a loyalty program, and for me, it was an added advantage that it is a Norwegian company."

Hans Hvinden

General manager,

"We have seen that it is not just discounts that attract customers. For example, when we send out an SMS about new products from one of our brands, traffic to the stores increase, since the members like to get early product information."

Martine Remsøy Romøren

Store manager, Lively

"When customers shop in our store, we ask them if they want to be members and tell them that they get bonus coupons depending on purchase levels, invitations to events and other benefits. Everyone signs up!"

Heidi Andersen

Store Manager, Coco Skien