Personalized dialogue

Diller® automates a dialogue with the customer based on their interests, enabling relevant dialogue and a more personal connection to your store.


Jack Keating, 31 City: New York Interest: Football Kids: None


Bought products for a total price of $100.00 in the New York store using the POS at 2022.01.01 1:25 and earned 100 points.

  • 1.00 pcs Football, product price was $50.00
  • 1.00 pcs Football shoes, product price was $50.00
Point of sale

Natalie Smith, 28 City: Los Angeles Interest: Surfing Kids: Two


Bought products for a total price of $500.00 in the Webshop at 2022.01.01 3:41 and earned 500 points.

  • 1.00 pcs Kids Surfboard, product price was $250.00
  • 1.00 pcs Surfboard, product price was $250.00

How does it work?


1Register the customer's telephone number

Easily register the customer's telephone number with each purchase made in your store.


2The customer receives a text message inviting them to join

The customer receives a text message and accepts the privacy consent.


3Stay in touch with your loyal customers

Keep customers updated by sending text messages, emails, promotions, coupons, etc.


4The customer gets access to their own profile page

The customer can log in for access to their profile, coupons and offers.

Easily recruit new customers

Get new members to join your loyalty program by asking them if they want to become a member when they buy an item from you. The customer's telephone number can easily be registered during checkout.

Reach out to your loyal customers

Create segmented lists based on members' registered data. Do you have a sales campaign that only applies to women? No problem - make a specific list for them. This will prevent your members from receiving irrelevant information.

Integrate the loyalty program with your website

Let members access their profile information, as well as news, offers, and coupons on your website.

Offer loyal customers access to bonus programs, discounts, coupons, and digital loyalty cards

It is more important than ever to offer your customers special coupons and exclusive offers. With a loyalty program, you can reward your loyal customers, while increasing the probability that they will continue to shop with you.

All Diller® functionality is included from the beginning!



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