Build better relationships with AI

When a company applies AI to its data, they can see patterns and trends that help predict what might happen in the future. This means that they can give customers offers and advice that are more suitable for them. In this way, companies can create a better experience for their customers and make smarter decisions. By using AI on the customer data, the stores can improve the relationships with the members of their loyalty program.

Diller Copilot

Diller Copilot is a new functionality in the Diller solution that is driven by artificial intelligence. Coming soon!

ChatGPT for content production in the Diller app

AI helps customers to write creative and effective marketing texts inside the Diller solution. ChatGPT for production of marketing content can be very useful:

  • You can create texts quickly and save a lot of time.
  • If you need different texts for different groups of people, ChatGPT can help with that too.
  • It is great at coming up with ideas and words to use. By saying who you want to talk to, it can also create texts that suit the readers. You can try different ways of saying things and see which one works best.
  • It can also help save money, as you may not need to hire someone to write marketing content.
  • But remember that even though ChatGPT is helpful, it is important to have a competent person who can correct the texts when needed.

ChatGPT on your database - Microsoft copilot (Azure OpenAI) on a local database.

Diller uses Azure Open AI on the customers' database to analyze data better. This means that our customers can make the best choices based on data about their customers.

  • Diller Copilot can add significant value to the marketing process by accelerating insight generation through rapid code generation for data analysis.
  • This gives marketers the ability to gain quick and accurate insights into customer data, sales trends, and market segments, which in turn support more informed and faster decisions.
  • Diller Copilot also enables deeper analysis by generating code snippets for advanced techniques such as predictions and sentiment analysis, which can reveal hidden patterns.
  • Through automated reporting and personalized marketing, marketers can streamline processes and deliver more relevant campaigns.
  • Diller Copilot can even boost creativity by suggesting new approaches based on data analysis.
  • While Diller Copilot provides valuable assistance, it is important that marketers have a solid understanding of strategy and objectives in order to apply the insights generated in a meaningful way.

About Azure OpenAI

About Diller AI and Azure OpenAI

  • Azure OpenAI is like combining two strong superpowers: Microsoft's data cloud and the smart brain of OpenAI.
  • Together, they can help companies in many ways to give customers extra benefits. For example, they can look at large amounts of data and identify key information that can help companies understand what customers want.
  • They can also do part of the work automatically, so that people have more time to do new, smart stuff.
  • When a company uses Azure OpenAI, it helps them become smarter and better adapted to their customers.
  • This can make the customer experience better and thus help the company to be more competitive.