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Easy onboarding
by members

Diller makes it easy to get your customers to become members of your loyalty program. Enter your mobile number and Diller will take care of the rest. And yes, of course the GDPR consent is in order.

More loyalty concepts
for increased sales

Diller has several types of loyalty concepts, such as welcome coupons, one-time coupons, loyalty cards, promotions, birthday greetings, fixed benefits throughout the year, points systems and membership levels, "appoint a friend", and QR code.

Online store

When Diller connects to the online store, you can recruit new members. In addition, you may use several of the loyalty concepts to encourage customers to buy more. Concepts such as onboarding of customers, coupons, points system, membership level, and "recruit a friend" are available.

Personalized dialogue

Diller automates a dialogue with the customer based on the customer's interests, so that the dialogue becomes relevant. This provides increased value for the customer. It has never been more important that your customers feel that they have a personal connection to your store. In this way, customer loyalty is maintained.


Get access to a great "Dashboard" to see the results of your marketing activities. See who your most important and best customers are, and use this information to do more of what drives increased sales and loyalty among your customers.


Diller works independently of box integration. With box integration however, you get access to more data. Diller also offers a number of integrations with standard e-mail systems such as MailChimp and with online stores. We have an open and modern API, so that integrations are smooth and easy to implement.

Connect several stores together

We have a separate module that makes it possible to connect several stores together. The stores get their own login, while the center manager gets an overview of all members of the entire chain.

User-driven development

Our customers are essential to us! We are here for you - and we really mean that. Diller is run by a team that create solutions based on feedback and needs from customers. All input can be sent directly to us and will be assessed for further development.

How does it work?


1Register the customer's telephone number

Easily register the customer's phone number with each purchase in your store.


2Customer is invited to loyalty program by SMS

The customer receives an SMS and accepts the terms and conditions (GDPR).


3Stay in touch with your loyal customers

Keep customers updated by sending SMS, emails, promotions, coupons, etc.


4The customer gets access to their own profile page

The customer can log in to their profile for access to their profile, coupons and offers.

Easy recruitment of new customers

Get new members to your loyalty program by asking them if they want to become a member when they buy an item from you. Registration of the customer's mobile number is easy via the checkout system. The customer can choose when he or she will complete the registration.

Easy recruitment of new customers
Reach out to your loyal customers

Reach out to your loyal customers

Create segmented lists based on members' registered data. Do you have a sales campaign that only applies to women? No problem - make a list for them. This will prevent your members from receiving irrelevant information.

Integrate the loyalty program with your website

Let members access their profile information, as well as news, offers and coupons on your website.

Integrate the loyalty program with your website
Offer loyal customers bonus programs, discounts, coupons and digital loyalty cards

Offer loyal customers bonus programs, discounts, coupons and digital loyalty cards

It is more important than ever to offer your customers coupons and exclusive offers. With a customer club, you can take care of your loyal customers, as well as increase the chance that they will shop with you.

Integrated with Mailchimp

You do not have to stop using your favorite tools. We offer a number of integrations and make sure to synchronize your lists with, among others, Mailchimp.

Integrated with Mailchimp
Integrated with Wordpress

Integrated with Wordpress

Gather members of your customer club through your website or WooCommerce online store. Get started quickly and easily by installing our Wordpress plugin.

Build with optional features

features News and offers
features Push notifications
features Coupons / loyalty cards
features Bonus program
features Chat
features Proximity (Beacons)
features Online store
features VIP offer
features Credit card payment
features Statistics / monitoring
features GDPR Ready

Your customers want a loyalty program

Percentage interested in coupons and loyalty points
Proportion interested in exclusive offers
Percentage interested in earning points and bonuses
Proportion of interested parties in special offers on relevant products

Source: Accenture 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Diller makes it very easy to get your customers to become members of your loyalty program. As easy as opening a website. Enter your customers mobile number and Diller will take care of the rest. With cash register integration, however, you get access to more data. As of today, we are integrated with ExtendaGo, Silent Touch, and PCK. Diller also offers a number of integrations with standard e-mail systems such as MailChimp. We have an open and modern API.
Very simple. Log in with your username and password in Diller's web panel once. You can now add a mobile number and it is as easy as opening a website.
Go to "Add Coupon" once you are logged in to Diller.
You can register a coupon or loyalty card in three ways. 1. You register this in the Diller web panel. 2. You download the Diller QR app in the App Store or Google Play. 3. We will send you a physical QR scanner that connects to your checkout system.
It is very easy to create a customer loyalty program. Click here to create your customer club. It only takes 10 minutes to get started!

The Loyalty Calculator

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"We have seen that it is not just discounts that attract customers. For example, when we send out an SMS about new products from one of our brands, traffic to the stores increase, since the members like to get early product information."

Martine Remsøy Romøren

Store manager, Second Floor at Fornebu and Røa

"The big advantage of the loyalty program is that it becomes easy to communicate with customers. We see endless possibilities with this in the future and look forward to using it more."

Anders Johan Braaten

General manager of the store chain Buster Hund og Katt

"Thanks to the loyalty program, we are able to serve more customers in less time and encourage the best customers to come back, again and again."

Jose Corado

General manager of Cuba Life coffee bar

"When customers shop in our store, we ask them if they want to be members and tell them that they get bonus coupons depending on purchase levels, invitations to events and other benefits. Everyone signs up!"

Heidi Andersen

Store Manager, Coco Skien

"I searched the web for suppliers and found Diller that way. They have everything I need in a loyalty program, and for me it was an added advantage that it is a Norwegian company."

Hans Hvinden

General manager,

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