Get started // step by step

1. Choose a name that indicates exclusivity.

There are two things to consider when creating a loyalty program name: It should be related to your store, and customers should never be in doubt about which store the loyalty program belongs to. In addition, it can be an advantage that the name refers to the benefits your customers receive in the loyalty program. Examples of different names for loyalty programs:

  • Adidas’ 3Stripes
  • Ikea Family
  • Starbucks Rewards


2. Create segments to personalize the customer dialogue

Create segments, and thus lists, that you can use to filter your customers and send relevant campaigns. These should be limited to a maximum of 4-5 questions so that the registration does not take too long, or becomes a chore for your members. Read more information on how to set up segments and lists HERE (for customers).

  • Sports stores: What activity are you interested in? Are you in a sports club?
  • Pet stores: What animal (s) do you have? What type of dog do you have? What is your pet’s Instagram account?
  • Clothing stores: What age group do you buy clothes for? Do you buy most for yourself or others? Which brand are you interested in?


3. Set up your customer loyalty program benefits

What kind of benefits do you want to offer to your customers? The most important is that it is easy to understand the benefits for both employees (who will promote the customer program), and for your customers who will join. You should at least have a welcome voucher and a birthday voucher. Get started quickly – you can always add more benefits later.  Learn more about how to create coupons here , clipboard here , or points system here . (for customers)

  • Welcome voucher ? Give customers a good reason to join.
  • Birthday voucher ? Give customers a reason to leave more information about themselves.
  • Fixed benefits ? Do you want a points system ? You can create a customer journey with different benefits for every X number of Euros customers spend.
  • Digital loyalty card ? Give customers every X number of product for free or with some discount.


4. Onboarding members
  • Do you have members in another loyalty program? With GDPR approval, we can easily import them right into the Diller® for you.
  • If you don’t have GDPR approval, but the members have been a customer for the past 1-2 years, we can help you send an SMS or an email that you have launched a new customer club, and with an invitation for them to become a member. It is important to inform about the advantages of becoming a member of the loyalty program. You can also run a competition where you encourage them to become a member within a limited time frame, with the possibility of getting benefit X og discount Y.
  • Post your loyalty program information on social media, with a link to registration. Run competitions og campaigns to attract customers to your loyalty program.


5. Conduct activities in Diller® towards your increased sales segments
  • Strengthen your segmentation; make sure you ask for everything you need to know.
  • Set triggers for mailings.
  • Take advantage of the seasonal events, news, offers, birthdays, etc.
  • Frequency is important. Most people are positive towards receiving good offers on products services they actually need and want.
  • Remember to analyze results from activities and optimize for the next campaign.

See what other companies are doing

"We have seen that it is not just discounts that attract customers. For example, when we send out an SMS about new products from one of our brands, traffic to the stores increase, since the members like to get early product information."

Martine Remsøy Romøren

Store manager, Second Floor at Fornebu and Røa

"The big advantage of the loyalty program is that it becomes easy to communicate with customers. We see endless possibilities with this in the future and look forward to using it more."

Anders Johan Braaten

General manager of the store chain Buster Hund og Katt

"Thanks to the loyalty program, we are able to serve more customers in less time and encourage the best customers to come back, again and again."

Jose Corado

General manager of Cuba Life coffee bar

"When customers shop in our store, we ask them if they want to be members and tell them that they get bonus coupons depending on purchase levels, invitations to events and other benefits. Everyone signs up!"

Heidi Andersen

Store Manager, Coco Skien

"I searched the web for suppliers and found Diller that way. They have everything I need in a loyalty program, and for me it was an added advantage that it is a Norwegian company."

Hans Hvinden

General manager,