Elevate your loyalty program with multiple workflows

Get a head start on customer engagement with our workflows. Begin building connections with your customers from the moment they sign up for your list, through their first purchase and beyond. Our effective email workflows are ready to go (just add your branding and personal touch) and include:

  • Triggers based on customer purchase data
  • Multiple workflows (product, customers, and/or amount specific)
  • Send relevant rewards and offers based on real-time shopping behaviour
  • Segmentation for targeting personalized rewards and offers
  • Automated member level rewards
  • Automated birthday greetings

Create highly personalized and effective marketing campaigns that increase engagement

One of the most powerful features of marketing automation is the ability to create conditions that trigger specific actions. With conditions, you can set up automated responses based on customer behavior, demographics, or other data. For example, you can create a condition that sends a personalized text message to a customer who spent over x amount and purchases a specific product.

Boost customer loyalty with automated member level rewards

Using conditions for member levels is a great way to reward and retain your loyal customers. For example, you can set up a condition that sends a text message with a special discount code to customers who have been upgraded to a gold membership level. Or you can set up a condition that sends a special offer to customers who have spent a certain amount of money.

Maximize customer loyalty through personalized rewards

Increase customer engagement and retention by sending relevant rewards and offers based on real-time shopping behavior, historical data, and predictions.

Enhance customer retention with segmentation

Improve customer lifetime value and strengthen relationships with VIPs by targeting personalized rewards and offers that will keep your audiences engaged and coming back for more.

No-coding required - visual tool provided

Quickly and easily identify and target the right customers with our visual tool that require no coding, allowing you to create precise segments and increase customer retention in minutes.

Full scale automation

Diller and Link Mobility are strategic partners. We are integrating MarketingPlatform seamlessly into our loyalty platform for larger companies that need full scale Enterprise marketing automation.

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