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“I have no doubt that much of our growth is due to increased loyalty from members.”

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Once upon a time, there was a baker… The story of how Baker Brun gained 32,000 loyal members

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“Loyalty programs are very effective for luxury brands”

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With a loyalty program we get to know the customer much better and can create relevant campaigns and content for them. This is really important. We avoid the mid-season sales and can reward those who choose us over time.

Tobias TjørstadGeneral Manager, Linestore

HAGEGLEDE.NO – a rapidly growing gardening webstore

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“A loyalty program is the absolute best way to increase sales numbers”

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Cosmetic retail chain with a fast-growing loyalty program

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We experience that sales and margins are higher despite providing an initial 10% discount. The customers tend to put a little extra in the shopping cart to make the most of the discount.

Jon Grøteig AndersenMarketing Director, PetXL


“I would never buy a cash register system without an integrated loyalty program”

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“We can communicate with customers even after they have left the store”

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Loyalty program resulted in a conversion rate of 523% for local coffee shop

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Your customers want a loyalty program

Did you know that... 64% of users interested in coupons and loyalty points, and a whopping 84% are willing to give up data in exchange for benefits (Accenture). Skincare company Kiehl's saw over 73 percent of their registered customers make a purchase as a result of receiving text message alerts about products ( Customers who shop repeatedly shop for up to 67% more than new customers (Bplans, 2021)

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