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Why did you start with a loyalty program?

First and foremost to better reach our guests in an easy way.

Baker Brun’s loyalty program is called “Bakervenn”, which means “Baker Friend”, and we have stamp cards for both coffee and bread for our members. In addition, we give birthday coupons and welcome coupons, plus occasionally we have extra promotions for our members. People are happy to get a free, freshly baked cinnamon bun on their birthday!

The most important advantage of having a loyalty program is that we get very loyal guests. Members who use their stamp cards are very faithful to us.

How do you recruit new members?

We always make sure to talk the member program at the cash register. Just before payment we ask if the customer is a Bakervenn. Recruitment and registration of member activity are very simple procedures and are part of the cashier routine at all our 22 bakery outlets.

The loyalty program button is on the front page of the cash register, so everything is automatic. Our members use the stamp cards and coupons because it’s so easy to use. We see that we get higher sales from members than non-members.

How did you get started with Diller?

We switched cash register systems to PCKasse in 2022, and we got started with Diller in connection with that. It was really simple. We had 5,000 existing members transferred from the old system, and now in January 2024, we have passed 32,000. We are very satisfied.

How do you market the loyalty program to new customers?

We have information about the member program on social media and a link on the website, plus we advertise membership campaigns. And of course, we recruit at the cash register when they visit us.

How important is it that Diller is integrated into the cash register?

It is incredibly important, because with that everything becomes automatic. We previously had a loyalty program outside the cash register, but we didn’t get the same contact with our customers.

Now you just enter a coupon in the system. It pops up and becomes a pleasant surprise for the customers. When we say, “There’s a free coffee for you today,” our guests are of course very satisfied and happy. We too, because it feels so good. We want to give a little back. Thank those who visit us again and again.

What do you think of the collaboration with Diller?

They are absolutely fantastic! Our contact Erik is always available to us and very competent – always on the offer side.

What do you see for the future?

We have talked about using more coupons because we want to surprise and delight our guests even more. If we continue at this pace, I think we will have 50,000 members next year!

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