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How to make your eCommerce site robust against competitors

How can you attract new customers and keep them coming back? Most business owners and managers have a good understand of the problem, but very few take the right actions.

To attract your customer to come back for more, you need to know your customers – really know them. Without data-driven insights about customer purchase patterns and their behavior and preferences, it’s hard to assume who the shoppers are.

It’s even harder to know what they want – and almost impossible to create marketing and sales campaigns that actually work, without spending a fortune. And of course, your customers may quite easily slip over to your competition.

It’s no longer enough to run promotions and campaigns in order to get shoppers to turn up at your store. The pandemic accelerated business to offer their products on an eCommerce site. Number of online stores boomed making brands and products even more available for the consumer.

With increased online offerings, how do you secure that customer choose your store? You need to have a genuine connection with your customers. To make your store robust against competitors, you need to focus on making the “invisible” customer “visible”, both in-store and online.

But how? By implementing the Diller loyalty platform to your store and eCommerce site, you will boost customer retention. Diller is a comprehensive marketing tool that captures customer data, allowing you to send relevant communication flows that maximize sales conversion.

Diller boost customer retention loyalty

Diller’s loyalty technology boosts customer retention and is a very easy-to-use solution to create effective campaigns.

With Diller your business will own the customer’s data and have a powerful tool that knows precisely how to trigger a customer to come back again, and again, and again. Owning the customer’s data also means you have your own marketing channel, which gives you a chance to accelerate your customer’s needs. This allows you to trigger new customers with welcome coupons, turn your best customers into organic brand ambassadors by rewarding referrals, or sending personalized product recommendations directly to your member base via text and email.

Customer data is the gold mine to increase competitiveness and make the customers come back for more.

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