Integration with POS and webstore

Diller® loyalty program is integrated with a large range of cash register systems and eCommerce providers.

The challenge for many retailers is that they don’t have an overview of who their customers are. The store may be full of customers, but the store owners have little or no knowledge about their preferences or purchase patters. Amazon, which for many years has been the leader in customer data analytics, doesn’t have this problem. They do know their customers. The importance of customer data and the ability to use analytics in customer communication activities will be absolutely crucial for competitiveness.

How can you better compete for customers?
  • It is essential to develop a good customer loyalty program by capturing and using purchase data and information.
  • You should design a program with benefits and personalized customer dialogue that are most relevant to your members.
  • With Diller® integration, the checkout process will be an important resource that enables collection of purchase data from customers – all in one place – from both physical stores and webstores.
  • Use one of the most important resources in the store – the employees – to recruit customers for the member loyalty program, so you can start communicating directly and relevantly with them. Make sure to recruit members at every sale!


You can see all the Diller® integrations here.

Onboarding // 3-month process

We make sure to get you started with the loyalty program and follow you closely in the first 3 months. This is free and part of our service to customers. You can read more about free Diller® training HERE .


Meeting on Teams – we help you set up the customer club and we create the first customer segments and member activities together.

After 14 days

Follow-up on Teams or phone, depending on what you prefer. Here we hear from you about how the program is going and help with any adjustments.

After 2 months

Meeting on Teams – we apply you to optimize the program, so that you get the most out of the investment in the shortest possible time.

After 3 months

Follow-up on Teams or phone, depending on what you prefer. We summarize how it goes and give tips & amp; advice for the way forward.

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Free onboarding of Diller®

When you create a Diller® loyalty program, we give you 3 months of free onboarding and training. We help you getting started with the setup and follow you as you grow, so that your company gets the most out of the loyalty program in short time.

Depending on what type of company you have and how much time and resources you have available in the start-up phase, we agree on an onboarding process that fits your company profile. The illustration shows how this can be done in three alternative ways. Without doubt option 3 is the better one, but sometimes your are just too busy to get full use of the loyalty program from day one. If so, we make sure that you get a good start anyway! The illustration shows how we feel for the first 3 months. This is free and part of our service to customers.

You choose the onboarding process that is most convenient for you

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Why start with a loyalty program?

There are three main reasons why you should start a loyalty program. In fact, we would say that you cannot afford to wait, and that you’d better start as soon as possible – whether it is with Diller® or not.

1. Sell ​​MORE for less
  • A customer loyalty program makes it much easier to get customer back to the store, so that they shop again and again… and again.
  • Marketing is expensive. Loyalty programs help reduce costs significantly, since you don’t have to spend money on getting new customers all the time.
  • A loyalty program gives you access to customers when they are on their phones, not only when they are in your store.
  • Diller’s efficient and affordable customer club enables SMEs to compete with large chains and Amazon.

Did you know that… if you keep 5% more customers, profits increase by as much as 25% -95%? (Harvard Business School) 

2. Get the crucial GDPR consent automatically
  • The store CANNOT communicate with their customers without consent.
  • A GDRP-compliant consent through the loyalty program membership is most valuable asset for SMB companies.
  • A member of Diller® automatically gives their consent, which means that the stores have the right to have direct and recurring dialogue with them. In other words, the stores get access to their customer base.

Did you know that… Tarte Cosmetics rewarded members for being engaged, not just for purchases – and profitably so. Loyalty members made up 44% of revenue despite only making up 21% of the client base.

3. Know your customers and be relevant to them 
  • Customers’ interests and purchase patterns can easily be analyzed in Diller®. This means that stores can run targeted, personalized and relevant campaigns that create more loyal and happy customers.
  • Loyalty programs make it simpler to convert single purchases to repetition sales = increased lifetime value.
  • Diller® helps keep competition at bay.

Did you know that… the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60-70%, while that of a new customer is only between 5-20%? (Marketing Metrics)

Customers appreciate stores that do their utmost to create a great shopping experience. Good benefits, offers and promotions can attract new and existing customers into the store. If you analyze what they buy and what they are interested in, you can create relevant campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences.

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The Loyalty Calculator

We have developed a calculator that allows you to easily calculate the potential of loyal customers for your company. For what does customer club really mean for the economy? What happens when a customer buys more often and more? For example, for 100 kroner more and 2 times more often in one year – or is the customer for 6 months longer? With the calculator, you can easily calculate what regular customers can mean in increased sales. We call this the Diller effect!

Loyalty calculator Diller

Click on the image to get to the calculator

Remember that it costs five to ten times more to acquire a new customer than to keep the ones you have ( Through the Diller® loyalty platform, you secure the GDPR consent from the customer, so that you can run campaigns and activities that are relevant and interesting to your customers.

What is a loyalty program?

A customer club, or a loyalty program, is a strategic tool for identifying and rewarding loyal customers.

The customer club aims to strengthen customer relationships and ensure that customers are more satisfied and return to the company time and time again. The basic idea behind membership is to create regular customers who get a permanent and long-term customer relationship with the company. This means that the company sells more often and more at a lower cost.

A loyalty program is a marketing platform

In reality the loyalty program becomes a marketing platform that can replace or complement other marketing. Marketing is expensive and a customer loyalty program offers huge savings, because one does not have to spend precious funds all the time to get new customers into the store or online store. A loyalty program from Diller® is a software platform that ensures communication and dialogue with customers, and where all communication is in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Relationship building as a strategic measure

If a customer changes vendor after they have first started collecting bonus points, coupons or discounts that the loyalty program has provided, they lose their saved benefits. This means that they feel that they are “losing money” by changing vendor. The result is often that they choose to remain with the store to get the benefits they have already earned, often despite the fact that the other store’s offer is cheaper. In other words, a loyalty program provides a strategic advantage for the company.

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Loyalty is not a program to be administered. Loyalty is a feeling.

There is a difference between repeat business and loyalty. Repeat business simply means that someone transacts with you multiple times. You likely offer them some sort of convenience – price, location, selection.

Loyalty is different. It’s a willingness to go out of one’s way to choose to do business with you. When we are loyal we are willing to suffer some sort of inconvenience to continue to do business with you.

Stephen Shedletzky, Simon Sinek Inc.
Article from April 2021 (LinkedIn)