How to take good photos

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shooting photos for your newsletter, website, or social media is that the photos are sharp and focused. Also, there should not be too much “noise” in the image. This way it is easier for the recipient to perceive what is being conveyed. Here are some simple guidelines:

Remember the lighting
  • If you can, use a large light source to get soft shadows in the image.
  • Use a reflector to reflect the light (it could be a white t-shirt, a white sheet or simply your hand).
  • Take your pictures outdoors if you can.
  • Remember to have the sun / light in your back, otherwise the object will be too dark.


Pay attention to the composition
  • Pay attention to the background so that there is not too much “noise” in the image.
  • Remember the rule of thirds, which means that you should see the picture as divided into nine parts (see figure). The most important parts of the composition should be along these lines or where the lines intersect.
  • Use symmetry as a tool.
  • Be aware of lines and patterns, for example in nature or of shapes / objects.
  • For portrait photography, it is often nice to have a “blurry” background (portrait function on smartphones) – then the model will appear as best as possible and the image will be neat and clear.

Rule of thirds Diller

Think untraditionally
  • Get closer to the object than you first planned.
  • Find the right angle and use your body actively – sometimes it’s best to squat or even lie down, other times you can stand on a chair.
  • Play with contrasts and “negative space”.


Take photos that match your brand
  • Make sure that there is more or less the same image style on the different media channels you use, so that customers recognize you by the style. This also applies to text/language.
  • Remember what profile colors you have and use them actively as a background, in image details or on filters.


Last, but not least
  • Remember to clean the lens before you start – easy to forget!
  • Hold the camera still until you have finished taking the picture – often you take the camera / mobile down exactly as the picture is taken, and the picture becomes blurred.
  • Do not overdo it with filters – simplicity is usually the best.


Here are some good sources for further reading:

See what other companies are doing

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