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Why did you start up a loyalty program?

We wanted to create a closer bond with our customers and at the same time offer our loyal customers some extra benefits. We had been thinking about it for a while, and in connection with the opening of the online store, we took the step in December 2020. We already had many loyal customers, and we wanted to give them extra benefits by becoming members of our loyalty program.

How did you hear about Diller?

We received a recommendation from Erik Wenås in Protekt IT, which is our dealer of cash register systems. We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration – and with the loyalty program. And not least, our customers are happy!

What do you consider to be the most important benefits of Diller?

We like that we can customize the campaigns exactly how we want to. Campaigns and activities are easy to manage. We have clients who shop a lot with us, and they will get extra good benefits based on their purchase levels.

In the past, before we had a loyalty program, we often made a difference between the customers, in that some got an extra item with big purchases while others got a discount. It was a bit random. Skien is a small place in Norway, and it is important that the program now is the same for everyone, i.e. that customers get the similar discounts and benefits, depending on their purchase levels. It’s become more fair for our loyal customers.

What kind of results have you had so far?

We can see that customers are very happy! We also feel that we have become their preferred store. This is a proof to us that the customer club has been a successful investment.

When customers shop in the store, we ask them if they want to become members and tell them that they get gift vouchers after a certain consumption, invitations to events and other benefits. Everyone signs up!

Have you got any examples of successful campaigns?

When we started the seasonal sale in January, we sent an SMS to the members that they were allowed to come one day before the sale started, and that they got an extra 10% discount on sale items. It was very well received, and we saw a noticeable effect on sales.

We’ll be much more active with the loyalty program after corona measures cease. We will not focus as much on discounts, but much more on creating experiences for members. We have had many events in the past, and now we will connect events with our loyalty program. We believe that customers greatly appreciate such benefits.

How important was it that Diller is integrated into the cash register?

It was extremely important to us, because all the systems became connected and the customers could get a better experience. The integration makes it easy for us to handle customers in a good way even when it is very busy in the store.

How do you recruit members to the customer club?

We recruit members when customer visits the store. We started recruiting members when the sale started in January. We told customers they got 50% off sales by joining the customer club. Everyone signed up!

After the sale was finished, we have continued to ask customers at checkout. We ask if they want to become members, and that they receive gift vouchers after a certain purchase level, that they will receive invitations to events and other benefits. Still no one says no.

Eventually we will also recruit members in our online store, but we haven’t come this far just yet. We will be much more active with the loyalty program going forward and look forward to inviting our members to fun activities and promotions.

Coco’s solution is delivered in close collaboration between Protekt IT , PCKasse and Diller.

Diller® – the loyalty platform that has everything you need. Easy, intuitive, affordable and profitable.

The Diller® loyalty platform helps small and medium-sized businesses increase their competitiveness by getting customers to shop more, and more often. This saves costs and increases the lifetime value.

Diller® is a smart solution for companies that do not have a large marketing budgets, but still want to increase sales. Marketing is expensive, and a loyalty program offers huge savings because you do not spend precious funds getting new customers into the store and webshop.

With a good loyalty program, you can convert single sales to repeat sales and get much better customer dialogue.

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