A Frictionless SMS and Email Marketing Experience

Start building relationships with your customers with SMS and Email autopilot from the day they join your list, to their first purchase, and beyond.

Avoid churn by targeting segmented lists

Future-proof your business with an intuitive and modern system that gives you unique insight into each member. Track their latest store visit, purchase frequency, and their preferences. Send SMS to your most valuable customers and avoid churn risk by segmenting by last purchase. Consider actually knowing your customers covered.

Know your customers

Turn SMS into your #1 revenue channel

Convert visitors into purchasers, and make fans come back for more done easily by triggers, automation, and deep segmentation. Send the right message at the right time — every time. The custom-built SMS flows and automation are optimized for maximum engagement and be ready to see results minutes after the campaign has been sent. A truly rewarding experience.

Open rate


Still considering SMS? Benefit from the unmatched open rate of text marketing

Reply rate


Close to half of all sent SMS messages get a reply from highly engaged customers. You would be surprised how hungry your customers are for rewards!



Automations and targeted marketing increase your returns while you accumulate valuable customer data. And then you repeat success over and over again!

Maximize ROI with targeted SMS campaigns

Customers engaged with loyalty programs spend 60% more per transaction, purchase 90% more often, and are 5x more likely to choose that brand in the future. Increase your reach with SMS marketing. With a 98% open rate, SMS is the perfect channel to maximize the ROI on your marketing spend.

We love our customers!

We are experts in loyalty, campaigns, and strategic marketing and we are here to share this with our customers to help increase sales, repeat purchases and boost the brand loyalty.

SMS Experts

We will share best practices and advice to help you succeed and get the most out of Diller´s text message feature. We will help you choose the audience and when to send.

Loyalty Experts

Our team will help customize your loyalty program to fit your business best in order to encourage continued customer engagement.

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Increase your reach with SMS texting. With a 98% open rate, SMS is the perfect channel to ensure your customers will see and respond to your activities.


Fully leverage your customer data and start using segmentation when targeting campaigns. The segmentation can be used for SMS and emails and allows personal dialogue with your customers.


Initiate and motivates repeat purchases, points, referrals, coupons, rewards, memberships and many more. Brand your loyalty program as you wish! It’s easy to set for wits works best for your store.


Diller is deeply integrated into the Shopify and WooCommerce ecosystem. Helps connecting your customer’s data whether they shop online or onsite.

TCPA Compliance

All data gathered by Diller follows the guidelines set by the TCPA and regulatory entities. We make sure the customer and personal data that is collected are complient.


Measure your impact with powerful analytic tools. Understand your customer’s buying habits and preferences. Diller CRM provides a comprehensive view of your customer base, and measures campaign conversion rate and ROI.

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