The Diller® loyalty platform allows individual sales to be converted into repeat sales and better customer dialogue. This enables increased lifetime value, increased sales and higher profits. Diller® is tailored for small and medium-sized stores / chains and is integrated with the checkout and online store. Easy!

About Us

Diller was established in 2016 to provide small and medium-sized businesses with an affordable, profitable and effective loyalty platform for personalized customer dialogue.

We at Diller believe that the way you as a store meet customers is crucial to whether they return to your physical store or online store. Recognizing customers and their shopping patterns is absolutely essential to get the next sale. In other words: Who are the customers, where are they, what do they buy and when? Diller® will provide you with answers.

We believe that small businesses should be able to compete on equal terms with the big chains and Amazon, and we have therefore developed the market’s most effective technology for customer loyalty, which is available as a “plug-and-play” solution for small and medium-sized businesses. That said, large companies can of course also use Diller®! It is easy, intuitive and affordable – in short everything you need for efficient and profitable customer dialogue.

Our development center is located in Kristiansand, Norway, while our commercial HQ is located at Fornebu near Oslo, Norway. In addition and not least important, we have an extensive  partner network in European countries, such as Norway, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Spain.


The management team

Jan Høgetveit CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Most recently CEO and one of the founders of SEMINE. SEMINE is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Norway in the field of accounting / finance. Jan has worked with several tournarounds at companies within technology and technology resources. He was also one of the founders behind Gyro, that became Scandinavia's largest event agency. Jan has extensive experience in management, sales management and market development.

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Fredrik Kristiansen CPO (Chief Product Officer), Gründer

Over 10 years of experience as a usability specialist (UI / UX), as well as a product and project manager at various tech companies in industries such as accounting, oil & gas, travel, and retail. After working closely with retail customers in the SMB market for several years, he saw a need to digitize and personify the dialogue between store and customer. Fredrik founded Diller® with a global vision that all small and medium-sized stores should have access to a loyalty program.

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Stein Inge Leirbekk CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Comes from Promenaden Management AS where he worked as CFO. Stein Inge has extensive experience at C-level, from both Accenture and entrepreneurial companies. He was involved in the development of Meltwater from being a startup company to becoming a successful Silicon Valley-based company. Stein Inge has experience with international institutional investor communities.

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Berit Lid Scharff CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Experienced marketing strategist with expertise in business development, marketing, PR/AR, communication and management. She has extensive experience with strategic marketing and brand building from leading positions in Norway and internationally in Cisco, Tandberg, Mattel and Save the Children. In 2013, she started the consulting company Inlustro, which specializes in helping small/medium-sized technology companies to grow nationally and globally. She has a part-time engagement in Diller as CMO.

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Rolf Kirkeng CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Over 20 years of experience from the IT industry from i.a. Software Innovation, Objectware and Kongsberg Oil & Gas. In recent years, Rolf has been Development Manager at Identec Solutions in Norway with responsibility for building up the company's technical platform. In 2017, he transferred to SEMINE, to build Norway's best development environment around AI and machine learning. In Diller Rolf leads the company's technology development.

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Knut Ole Hauge CSS MANAGER (Customer Success and Support)

Until he joined the Diller team in 2020, Knut worked for 14 years at Kongsberg Digital, where he headed the global delivery department and built up the support department as it is today. Knut has extensive experience with rolling out software on oil rigs in all corners of the world, and he has started several offices around the world. Knut has mainly worked within management of people, projects, deliveries, support and product.

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Christian Berg Styreleder

Previous experience as marketing director in DNB real estate. Christian was also involved in the development of He founded and had the role as CEO of Privatmegleren, a real estate chain, that was later sold to Nordea. Christian holds a number of board positions.

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"We see good results from the loyalty program. The immediate feedback comes from employees in the store, who notice that customers enter the stores only 5-10 minutes after we send out an SMS."

Stine Handley

Head of Administration, Fredrik & Louisa

"The big advantage of the loyalty program is that it becomes easy to communicate with customers. We see endless possibilities with this in the future and look forward to using it more."

Anders Johan Braaten

General manager of the store chain Buster Hund og Katt

"We see that average sales and margins are higher even though we offer a 10% welcome discount. As a customer, you are welcome to bring a little extra in the shopping cart to get the most out of the deal. The goal is for the loyalty program to be the icing on the cake for our customers so that they want to continue shopping with us."

Jon Grøteig Andersen

Head of Marketing, PetXL

"I searched the web for suppliers and found Diller that way. They have everything I need in a loyalty program, and for me, it was an added advantage that it is a Norwegian company."

Hans Hvinden

General manager,

"We have seen that it is not just discounts that attract customers. For example, when we send out an SMS about new products from one of our brands, traffic to the stores increase, since the members like to get early product information."

Martine Remsøy Romøren

Store manager, Second Floor at Fornebu and Røa

"When customers shop in our store, we ask them if they want to be members and tell them that they get bonus coupons depending on purchase levels, invitations to events and other benefits. Everyone signs up!"

Heidi Andersen

Store Manager, Coco Skien